Hopeless Star

April 13, 2009
Your that boy I've been crushin' on from afar.

The boy that got me secretly wishin on a hopeless star.

You have some idea of my feelings. I know that much is true.

Im pretty obvious about it like a sore thumb.

but now that I think about it I guess Im being dumb.

Why would you even think about fallin for me? Im not popular at all.

You probably consider me a geek.

Were two total opposites never meant to be.

I mean what was I thinkin'? Whats wrong with me?

I guess if I thought if I made myself cool then maybe you'd like me.

Please. Me on my best day can't make you crush on me.

So i guess this is a hopeless case.

A complete waste of time.

I must've been crazy to think you would wanna be mine.

But hey what can I do but crush on you from afar, and keep wishin and wishin on that hopeless star.

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