The Fight

April 13, 2009

Baby I always knew that we could make it through-
All of our ups and downs,
Our smiles and our frowns.
Life is just a playground
You get back up and fall back down.
You get cuts and scapes
Some of them heal and some of them scar,
but they're apart of who you are.
It's everything i've fallen in love with, you're my star
Baby, let go of everything bottled up in that jar.
We've made it this far
So lets show them how we do it
All the things they've put us through
Ya, we've been through it
We'll throw it back at them twice as hard,
and catch them off guard.
Lets put up a fight
Show the rest of them we'll make it through the night
We'll show them we're right
we'll do it together, okay?
What do you say
Just take my hand and dont let go
Darling, we'll make it out okay,
This i know.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about me and my boyfriend. We've been going through alot throughout the 6 months that we've been dating. And he told me that he's worried about us losing it. That night I just got inspired to write something for him to assure him that I really care about him and no matter what happens, i'm not going to let anything get in the way of him and I. It may be stupid to alot of people, but it really means alot to both my boyfriend and I && I really hope anybody who read this WILL enjoy it.

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