April 13, 2009
By RachelS BRONZE, Tiptree Essex, Other
RachelS BRONZE, Tiptree Essex, Other
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I’m Shivering inside, my heart beating fast
Palms sweating, constantly thinking of our past
The way you’d whisper in my ear, ‘I love you’.
The way I’d foolishly believe, your words true
The way i walked miles for you, wanting by your side
Like a little child, oblivious I was just kicks, your ride
The way I’d stare at my phone all night, waiting for your voice
I loved you so much; you were always my first choice
The way you push me around, lying behind my back
All the times I apologised, for your decided attack
The way i would always cry, you sit smiling in content
The way you hurt me so bad, I’m still broken present
In my dreams I see you with him, happy as can be
It kills that you’re smiling at him, not at me
Then I remember I’m the one who deserves better, not you
All those times you stabbed me, the hell I’ve been through
I’ve found someone else, he’s better than you ever were to me
He’s funny, charming, perfect... and he’s here to set me free
You were just one mistake, I will never make again
I’m not as stupid or vulnerable as I was back then
So I’m going to pick up my life, and look into the light
Instead of dwelling in darkness, I will stand and fight
You’re not worth my spit, my pain, my hate
You’re nothing to me now a phase, a dead weight
My ride, my kicks, exploration of same-sex lust
You’ll never see me again, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I’m finally found what I was looking for
And honey, get over yourself. It ain’t you

The author's comments:
It's about a girl reminiscing about falling in love with someone the same sex and their time together and how bad it really was with them

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