April 15, 2009
These written words of pages plied
My linguistic tools on which I rely
Are all my drug to keep me sane
They pause the world and numb the brain
My reckless pen scrawls gibberish
Thoughts radiant in design
A mystery to the world
Conceptions I divine
Through negligence of sound regard
I repeat my ill mistakes
Fix these holes that leak the truth
Fix my constant aches
Problems seem to cultivate
They multiply for sure
Not long now
I have my fix
For now I must endure
As leaden lids slip down my eyes
Torment calls with nights disguise
I pry apart my brittle mind
Rummage through my hidden core
Expose these secrets long confined
The answers I’ve been waiting for
But sanguine skies spell journey’s end
To join my body as I ascend
Specks of scenes from times of yore
They teach me lessons lost in thought
Of odds and ends my living lore
All I’ve left is which I’ve sought
Reality rends me from my delusion
My breath comes slow with its intrusion
I realize now on conscious plane
This drug has me lock and chain

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