It's Gossip

April 15, 2009
It's small it's gossip now LISTEN your over here listenin to what he says ur listenin to what she say but wait stop now LISTEN You are becoming so wrapped up in this lifestye and what is going on in this hood but u r to blind to see the failures that is becoming you no stop pay ATTENTION. Emotions running high because ur wondering why certain things are happening to you yo stop let me grab your ATTENTION these words that I am trying to speak to you has a purpose but it is up to you to LISTEN. Carrying the heavy burden of anger but trying to clear your mind of this new person you peeped in the mirror. Now you are terrified of the new person that is taking over you.Yes you stop and payed ATTENTION.Listenin to the mumers of your heart telling you that the path you chose is the wrong one, now you don't know what to do. So now your complaining talking about GOD aint hearing me. But no wait stop you wasnt LISTENING. Maybe it was you not listening to GoD when he tried to get to you. He tried to guide you. He tried to lead you but you didn't LISTEN! Next time. . . Listen. .

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