Nightmare Within My Dream

April 14, 2009
By Faith Lindgren SILVER, Roy, Washington
Faith Lindgren SILVER, Roy, Washington
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Waking up frantically I am utterly confused. My sheets are clenched between my sweaty fingers and my tears are ready to pour over just like a waterfall. The question still ponders my mind. Why was I crying if I was over you?
I was painting the fence green with pink nail polish and looking into the review mirror that was floating in mid air when I saw your face. After all anything can happen in a dream. We were sharing looks amongst each other but about the fourth time I saw your big white teeth beaming from your face. I got up as you walked my way. We faced each other ready for a duel, but I began to cry. I ran towards you and jumped into your open arms. I started hugging you while laying kisses upon your dark face. Why was I crying so much? Why was I dreaming of you and me together?
The torture I received got me to thinking of you; I was supposed to be over you. Just after the nightmare I continued to cry with a pain in my heart. I keep telling myself that I am over you but deep down I feel like you are beginning to spread over me again. I guess it’s just our memories boiling over the welded part of my heart. I will lower the heat to stop from explosion.
The difference from jumpy and scary is: Jumpy- Something startles you at that moment in time therefore it makes you jump. Scary- Something that makes you think. It haunts you in your own house, and makes your nightmares come true. I am only scared of one thing, which happens to be the unknown.
The dream itself made me jump but the nightmare was different. I was in my warm bed within my secure walls that built up my house when the nightmare came upon me. Although, I can’t stop the meaning within the dream that renders my soul or depict the meaning of the thoughts that now fill my mind, I can take a step forward and honestly say that I am scared.

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