April 24, 2009
To me an angel is perfect, someone who cares and is there for you. An angel is someone who knows what to say when the world is crashing around you. An angel is always by your side, and knows the right comfort to provide. An angel is beautiful, and glows when you see them. An angel is joyful and helps keep you breathing. And angel everything, and won’t be forgotten. An angel is bright and always in a good mood. And angel will love you and treat you good.
I have an angel, she’s perfect for me. She cares and is always there for me. She always knows what to say. She makes the hate and the pain go away. She’s very comforting, and stays by my side. She is very beautiful, and has beautiful green glowing eyes. She’s playful and keeps me breathing. She’s my everything, I’ll never forget her. She brightens my day and puts me in a good mood. She treats me better than anything in the world. She’s my angel, and that’s for sure.
We laugh together and we have fun all the time. We sing and we dance, together we shine. We hug and we kiss, and many more things. It such heavenly bliss, the joy she brings. I can barely stand to be away. I have so much to show her and so much to say. My angel is here with me, she will be till the end. My angel is my love, and my best friend. If she would leave me, I would fall apart. For she is the only thing beating in my heart. But my angel won’t leave, she’s here to stay. I find it much easier to live that way.
If I didn’t have my angel, I wouldn’t be here. My angel did come, by the shed of a tear. That tear fell down without a sound. Then she came and I was found. She holds me up and keeps me here. If not for her, I’d disappear. The feelings she has for me radiate light like the sun. It erases the pain and what has been done. My soul is trapped forever in her eyes, as blue as the never ending skies. I love my angel.

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:PBUBBLES:P said...
May 3, 2009 at 3:53 pm
Very emotional, I like this. You did the rhyming really well. One thing- you said her eyes were green, then you said they were blue at the end. Otherwise, AMAZING!
NewWorldsEdge said...
May 2, 2009 at 2:18 am
It is good but very long...Poem? Or short story?
You can have a short story that is a poem but it is very surprising when you have a short story in a poem may be better for this to be in the short story area...
There is some really great lines...although some do not need to be there to make the poem. Poem is the MAIN idea and nothing else...stories hold the rest of the info.
Libagayle said...
Apr. 30, 2009 at 7:53 pm
Wow. That is a very deep poem. It shows your sensitive side and how much you truly love this girl. She's very lucky to have a guy like you. =]
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