Someday My Prince Will Come

April 24, 2009
By Alisha Friberg BRONZE, Ferndale, Washington
Alisha Friberg BRONZE, Ferndale, Washington
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I’ve long awaited the day
That my prince and I will meet.
I know that he’ll be charming
And he’ll sweep me off my feet.

When we meet he’ll say hello
And flash a friendly smile.
Then we’ll introduce ourselves
And walk and talk a while.
He’ll finally build up courage,
Enough to ask me on a date.
I’ll tell him that I’d love to,
That I can hardly wait.

He took me to a beach,
Where our feet sank in the sand.
I was laughing at his jokes
While we were walking hand in hand.
We sat and watched the big bright stars
Twinkle in the sky.
We liked to do this often
To pass the time on by.

He loves to have fun
And doesn’t really care,
If I do not wear make-up
Or enjoy doing my hair.
All that I can ask from him
Is that he loves me for being me.
The other, they will soon catch on,
And then someday they’ll see.
That though I have had trouble
With others in the past,
I think that I have found him,
I’ve found my prince at last.

He took me to a dance
Where we danced the night away.
He got down on one knee
And I didn’t know what to say

He’s amazing and he’s perfect
And I hope that I can show
That I really truly love him
And that is all I know.

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