April 23, 2009
My heart-
A steady pace.
Then I see you,
And it races off the charts.

That’s how it used to be.
But now,
A different, new feeling,
Builds up inside me.

I look at your face,
And see a secret,
A mystery,
That I have never seen before.
Behind your poker face.

I see pain.
I see sorrow.
I see a different person.

And it’s not just you.
I feel the pain.
I feel the guilt.
I feel the different person I have become.
The person that has opened a new gate,
Been exposed to a new life,
And realized reality.

And now,
The silence.
The frustrating silence.
That takes away a little part me,
Each and every day.
The silence.
The deafening silence.

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