April 23, 2009
By karina Guillen BRONZE, Wallingford, Connecticut
karina Guillen BRONZE, Wallingford, Connecticut
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Spilling words and rolling eyes; your lips locked in my mind
I'm a looker not a talker, so I'd tattoo an eye to my side
Delusional images seek realism and sanity
I'm abstract and not literal
Lids cover eyes and color,
Be my spectrum, be my light
I'm jumping bridges and walking rivers
to sand castles in sky of your eyes
Reflections of self are portraits in the blacks of your eyes
Irreconcilable and body shaking
I'm sorry i can't make my hands stop sweating
Soon I'll regain color in my face and my nails won't be blue
There's a bit of devil in all our waters;
a bit of hope in every awakening that doesn't make me cry
It used to hurt to wake up, to fall asleep;
everything in between
Our company turns crazy and we wonder if it's because of us
Everybody blames everybody but their own self
Well i blame myself, myself
So i don't mind if you go running out, falling out
For everybody who leaves, somebody comes
I'm swimming in the wonders of adolescents
Let me drown, it's such a beautiful feeling.

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