April 23, 2009
By , Winston-Salem, NC
I just want somebody to hear me.
Someone to talk to,
To hear my plea.

Somebody to help when needed,
To give advice when asked,
To catch me when I fall.

That fall is near,
Getting closer every day,
While I slowly lose my sanity.

So just listen,
Cause all I want is to be heard,
To have someone to care.

Someone to care,
About what I feel inside,
To listen to all the pain and suffering I have concealed.

And I’m not asking a lot from you.
Just to listen and be there when I ask,
To help me when I fall.

So stop trying to give advice,
Stop trying to tell me how to feel,
Stop trying to pretend nothings wrong.

Just let me speak,
Of all my pain and suffering,
Before I lose the courage to do so.

So just stop and let me speak,
Before its to late.

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