the Best Sleepover Ever!

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

I had a sleepover on the weekend
With my friends Cadence and Jimmy
We started to watch TV
And my dad said, “Gimme!”

He grabbed the remote
And turned the volume down
He threw it back at me
And that surely made me frown.

Cadence wanted to play with the legos
So we got the bin from my room
We started to play with the legos
And Jimmy joined in too.

We built a whole city
Or should I say empire
With poor people to rich
It really made me tired.

We started to go to sleep
With the lights dimmed down low
Then we got super loud again
When my dad came down, I said, I know!”

He started to lecture us
That we’re keeping him up
When he left, Jimmy asked for some milk
And I said, “I’ll get the cup!”

They started to play with the legos again
But I sat out this time
I laid on the couch and watched TV
The show was about a guy and a mime

At four o’clock in the morning,
We decided to go to sleep
We all rested quietly
And no one made a peep

Until someone got up
And jumped on my lap
I started to scream,
“Ow! Who is that?!”

Jimmy started to laugh
And he turned on the lights
Cadence was on top of me
Having some fights

I kicked him right off me
(He smelled like an egg)
He fell to the floor
And I yelled, “My leg!”

It was so loud,
It woke up my dad
He got very angry
And a whole lot mad!

We all got really quiet
Then chatted ‘til five-thirty
I finally went to sleep
And we were still dirty

We woke up at nine o’clock
Then we munched on some food
It was time for them to go
And I got into a very bad mood

I didn’t want them to go,
Not now, not ever
And that’s the end of my story
Of the best sleepover ever!

The author's comments:
This was the best sleepover I have ever had and I just had to write about it!

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