April 23, 2009
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Dreaded nightmares haunted his final days.
chilling shrieks coming from his domain.
Losing all strength,
falling to the floor,
yet not wanting help,
brutal memories implore.
My grandfather is truly great,
but it took so much to acquire.
The night of sorrow,
the sunrise of mourning,
it`s truly painful,
truly unimaginable.
I am at a loss for emotion,
seeing despair infect everyone around me,
tears falling to the gates of hell,
yet I keep it in.
The disgusting sight of fake sorrow,
of miserable intentions.
I who truly loved him,
did not shed a single tear,
did not breath out any words,
shedding cold stares.
it was painful,
haunting me to my worst nightmares.
Even so I will never hate the fact that I loved him.
I will never hate the fact that I was the last person to talk to him.
Gramps, you can finally rest in your long awaited eternal slumber.

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