April 23, 2009
By wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
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Even in death,
loves goes on.
Once there was a man,
high in greatness,
low in in love.
His life full of riches,
yet as sad,
as complete loneliness.
This man,
fell in love the with a maiden,
not the fairest in the land.
Yet to him,
the beauty of the gods,
was nothing in comparison.
He loved her so,
yet she possessed hatred toward him.
Life revolving around wealth,
meant disgusting waste,
in her ashened eyes.
This man,
befallen to a sickness,
calls her forth,
confesses his love,
without letting her utter,
any words of resent.
He let out promises,
to forever wait for her hand.
His dying body,
said to have laid in wait for her,
in a sepulchre,
filled with charitable gold.
One servant stayed with him,
the eternal wait had begun.
The man,
of his love to her.
That woman,
knowing of the man`s solemn request,
married another,
forgot about the unrequited love.
People say,
the man is still waiting,
his servant,
the person who loved him most,
together forever.
staying with the person,
who you love,
waiting for the person,
he loves,
till death do they stay,
in death they will never part.

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