Forget it

April 23, 2009
By wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
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The harshness,

of yesterday,

haunts you today.

Why don’t you forget it,

just forget it all?

Stuck in the gloom,

trying to crack a smile.

Why is it,

that this smile,

is all fake?

Don’t hold your tears in,

drain them all,

and forget it,

just forget it all.

So that your tomorrow,

isn’t stuck in the sorrow,

of just another yesterday.

The past,

is just the past,

nothing more,

nothing less.

So why are we always trying,

to change it,

instead of changing our futures,

so that they may be,

without regrets?

Why can’t we just forget,

and change the world of tomorrow,

to change the miserable world of today,

that seems so stuck,

in our yesterday?

Forgive and forget?

Don’t you dare forgive,

some things,

are impossible to forgive,

without eternal regret.

Look your hate,

in the eye,

what do you see?

Do you see something,

you want to forget,


something you want to forgive?

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