Family God Forgot

April 23, 2009

Our friendship is an ocean, stretching
Far and wide
Never ending-
Filled with memories-
That last a lifetime

You've always known
Just what to say

You were always there,
When I needed you the most

When I needed-
A shoulder to cry on
Yours was always waiting

When I needed-
Someone to talk to
You were there
Just listening

When I needed-
Someone to hug
Your arms were
Doors wide open to me

Our friendship's
Just like the
Both go beyond
Man's reach

All of the giggles we shared

Let the salty taste of tears
Run down our cheeks

All the Laughs,
The smiles,
The hugs,
The inside jokes,
The hours online,
The eighty minute phone calls

Just because

You were the family that
God forgot to give me.

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