a little thing called LIFE!

April 23, 2009
By Jewels SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jewels SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Life isn’t always easy,
Sometimes it gets me down.
Life isn’t always fun,
Sometimes I frown.

Life isn’t always perfect,
Sometimes I make mistakes.
Life isn’t always real,
Sometimes it

Life isn’t always great,
Sometimes it sucks.
Life isn’t always about talent,
Sometimes it’s just luck.

Life isn’t always warm,
Sometimes it’s very cold.
Life isn’t always open,
Sometimes it has a fold.

Life isn’t always what I expect it to be,
Sometimes it fools me.

The author's comments:
people tend to think life is just GREAT when everything is working out for them, but it's not always rosy. life can be hard just as much as it is easy. life isn't what many of people claim it to be. if life was so easy why would 98% of American's be in debit? just giving you the reality.

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