Only Wisdom Exists In A Wolf's Eyes

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

One day a hunter was walking in the forest
And comes across a lame wolf
The wolf was old
Yet wise
And held the wisdom of the world
In its very soul

The hunter says
I'll put you out of your misery
You lame bathetic creature
To the wolf replies
What misery am I in?
I feel no pain
Why do you humans seek with your eyes
And not your heart?

You are lame
What have you to live for?
The hunter questions
Besides you are a killer of man
Says who?
Those fairytales!
Must you humans
Judge someone
With rumors
You have no witness to?
I have much to live for
The old wolf replies

What for?
Your offspring has abandoned you!
Forgotten all about you!
They have moved on
Off with their own families
Taunts the hunter

You taunt me so
As soon as I were to make a move
Your overconfident nature
Would vanish
And you'd panic and shoot me
The wolf growls

Why not do as your cousins do?
A warm safe place
Free food
Would be your award
Offers the hunter

Are you asking me
To be your pet?
Your servant!
The wolf snarls baring his teeth
Why not?
Just be a good little dog!
The hunter says
Seeming for a moment
That he might try and attempt to pet the wolf

But I am no dog!
Unlike a dog
I still have pride!
I will not be forced to be something I'm not
I won't simply obey someone
Who claims to have more then me
Judge not human with your eyes
But with your heart!

Us wolves don't kill to kill
We kill to defend our land
When humans go to war
It's as if their intent
Is to make their enemy
Or anything related to their enemy
Innocent or not

We kill to defend our land too!
The hunter retorts

You also take away land
Claiming it as your own
Just because some choose
Not to shed blood
Not to put hell into their very souls
The wolf calmly argues

We won the land!
Some are just too cowardly
Or weak to keep it!
The hunter screeches
Hurling a jagged stone at the frail wolf
It catches him across his muzzle
Crimson liquid quickly sprouts

Must you attack
Those who wish not to fight?
Our ancestors lived here for centuries
The beginners of our time
Their remains are engraved here
And yet you claim this land as your own

To humans
We are the wild animals
But how can this be?
When you slaughter your own kind
Faster then we eat our prey

The hunter could only stare
In wonder
Of the old lame wolf
And was able to see
Not an old broken looking wolf
But what it must have once resembled
A proud
Alpha Male

The author's comments:
At school people group together by what they wear in some cases. Rumors spread and judgments are made. What’s the point? You have no right to truly judge someone or deem them as unworthy of a fair reputation without knowing any knowledge about them.

"Judge not with your eyes, but with your heart..."

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