April 23, 2009
I hide in the dark so nobody will see my pain. I stand in the rain so nobody will see my cry. I cry alone, so i get no sympothy.
Any moment now, i'm waiting till the day a fall..until i break.
When i do break, please put me back together.
I'm getting better at hiding it, at pretending i am just fine. Obviously, obviously you don't notice.
I'm not sleepy, all i want is you. To hear your deep voice, because it is so to comforting.
Damn, my mask, the one i hide behind, is getting tighter. Get it off of me, please!
I am hurting and don't know how to make it stop.
Everyone is waiting for me to fail, enjoying it as i get closer to that point.
They are waiitng for me to hurt them again. I wont, though.
Please don't lose faith in me.
Faith have in me.
Don't bring my monster out.
I know you are trying.
I'm fine fooling you all.
It starting not to hurt anymore, since i am getting used to it.
Just leave me alone, now, please.
I can get by on my own, no more people to hurt or see me fail.
So..there...we have come to an agreement. The mask is staying, you all like me better with it on.
I almost lost it.
I almost let you see.
Good thing i stopped myself.

Now one day i will tell you how i really feel, but from far away. I don't want to hurt you or scare you.

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