depression disease

April 23, 2009
By Alexandra Hernandez GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
Alexandra Hernandez GOLD, Mcallen, Texas
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What is depression
-that spreads like a disease in young souls?

Is it the fall of their smile when negativity
passes through their emotions?

Is it the heaviness their heart fills up with
when given rejection?

Is it the slump of their shoulders when they don't
want to feel anymore?

Is it the anger in their mind when they
want it all to end?

What is depression

and what's the cure?

The author's comments:
the question "what is depression?" came into my mind when i was in my mom's car and we were driving to stars.
i was re-writing the first draft-
when we were sitting outside on the tables.
i finished the final copy-
when the food came.

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