Constricting Paradise

April 23, 2009
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Through the Fires and the Flame,
I have fought to clean the stain,
But, there is nothing to regain,
All that’s left from here is shame,
Screams of agony and pain,
Oh, that I could feel the rain,
Oh, that I could break these chains,
I am trapped upon this train,
Plunging towards the Beast’s domain,
I am weak but still I strain,
Sights of horror fill my brain,
Just about to go insane,
Then, I call upon His name,
Do I do this all in vain?

Then the shadow turned to light,
Once was blind, but now have sight,
Chains fall off, New strength to fight,
Stop the train, and claim this life,
Time to make the wrong things right,
Take the truth and lose the lies,
Turn to day and leave the night,
All that was dark now is bright,
This way’s hard, and it get’s tight,
But the road to destruction’s wide,
Just now all things have a price,
But, there’s no constricting paradise.

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LittleBritt said...
May 6, 2009 at 12:20 pm
personally, i find it amazing you can rhyme that many of the same words and make it have a point lol. But really, that's TALENTED. awesome poem. i loved it
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