You love the bird; But I'm the bat

April 23, 2009
By Elijah Williams BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
Elijah Williams BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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A bat is like– a stroke of night,
Flapping through the air.
A bird is like a flash of light,
Free to go anywhere.

The bat is feared and shunned,
Hated by everything.
The bird is loved by everyone,
People line up to hear it sing.

The bat is death, grim and sad,
And often thought f as bad.
Nocturnal, it hangs in a cave,
Waiting to exit in a great black wave.

The bird is sweet and pure,
Sitting on a nest willing to endure.
Trying to bring its’ young to life,
Making the perfect house wife.

You love the bird,
But I’m the bat.

The author's comments:
i thought of this because i was joking with my friends calling my self a social bat, and it was a good idea. so i wrote this.

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