Facing Reality

April 23, 2009
By Amanda Beauford BRONZE, Palmyra, Virginia
Amanda Beauford BRONZE, Palmyra, Virginia
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Tears begin to creep behind my eyelids.
The pain’s being washed away, for good,
Never to return.
I take deep breaths as I brace myself for the future.
They begin to fall, sliding across my juvenile cheeks.
My heart feels nothing.
I'm vulnerable, but I'm strong.
I'm weak, but I'm a giant.
As my hands tremble and my body turns cold,
My heart begins to feel warmth it forgot existed.
The future looks sunny with storm could, its bittersweet,
Too much to take, too much to enjoy.
It reminds me of when the devil beats his wife.
Poor woman.
Desperate man.
Ruining the sunshine with her pathetic tears.
But when the beatings over, the rainbow ends the story.
Opening the sky again.

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