April 23, 2009
By bello_boo BRONZE, Naples, New York
bello_boo BRONZE, Naples, New York
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Crisp clean air.
Wind whisping hair.
Leaves crinkle under your feet.
delicious pumpkin pie to eat.
a new season is here to stay.
until winter ruins the day.
grounds covered with a white sheet.
snow clumping up under your feet.
the air is fresh and the sun is bright.
you hope the snow will leave over night.
bitter and cold it wont go away.
until spring comes and saves the day.
warming up, flowers coming through.
birds chirping, beautiful music to you.
raining a lot soaking everything in sight.
now you cant wait until summers dew at night.
the only wet thing in the summer will be.
the grass in the morning and soon you'll see.

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