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April 23, 2009
By kissedbytheMoon SILVER, Morehead City, North Carolina
kissedbytheMoon SILVER, Morehead City, North Carolina
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His white face stares at me
I feel like it can't be
It all feels like a dream....
I feel his cold hand on my cheek
It makes my heart beat out of place
There it goes missing 1,2 and 3 at a time
And I hear his voice in my ear
Telling me it will all be fine
And that our life together will last forever
Forever with him is just what I want
To stand beside him all our life long
As I hug him tighter I can feel the trust
But one day later he's gone in the dust
what went wrong, was he really there
or was I just dreaming, no it can't be
as the days go by I feel like a zombie
And no one wants to be around me
feelings go and theres an enpty hole
A hole that I can't fill
Friends go by again and again
but just one friend is there to the end
he makes me feel so in palce
like this world has a place for me
But I can't get over the one who saved my life
Keeping me out of site just for the

The author's comments:
This Piece is About New Moon By: Stephenie Meyer

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