Contradicting World

April 23, 2009
Loving hatred of a fire burned icy heart;
Spurning lips of loving words;
Truthful lies kissing from lips;
And the world spins round.

Nothing and everything speaks to no one and you;
Bloody hearts silently scream the deceitful truth;
Hands numbly feeling a cold heated sense of your loving hate;
And the world spins round.

Love and hate killing saved lives;
You lie the truth through your filthy yet clean lips;
Laying down the law of you tyranny like democracy;
And the world spins round.

Everyone says yes then say no;
Inside you hide while yourself shows through;
Animosity darkens your bright heart while love tries to seep through;
And the world spins round.

Creeping through the silent loudness that screams at us all;
We ignore all the things we notice;
We adore all the violently peaceful things;
And the world spins round.

As we ignore the noticed hate we seem to adore;
As we wait patiently with impatience;
As we kill many yet still it’s not enough;
The world spins round.

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