April 23, 2009
The whistle shrieks in my ears like a banshee’s wail,

The ball is made contact with and sent rocketing,

I sprint for it, gaining possession

The ball is mine for the scoring and passing

The power I feel is unmatched and unprecedented,

I know I have it, gaining confidence

The skill is mine for the play, but is the chance?

The shot is mine for the taking, but is the goal?

I smash the ball, evermore gaining confidence

The score is tied at 4, along with our pride,

This goal will reduce the tie to nothing more than a memory,

I yell with joy as the ball gains in speed

The ball is airborne, one person to overtake and one person only,

The ball swooshes against the net, and all saw the glory,

I hear the cheers and realize one thing,


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