How To Be Dead

April 22, 2009
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can see it now
The casket open
Inside lays your poisoned body
Dressed in clothes that you've
Never worn

I can hear it now
The crys of the loved ones
Bellowing out their
Emotions over your
Lost soul

I can feel it now
The emotions rushing
The tears rolling
Down my makeup face
Your son's hand
Clasped in mine
As we both cry together

I relive it now
The memories of
You in the garden
Planting the tomato seeds
The memories of you
In the Nursing home
Not speaking
Not eating.

I taste it now
The sweet sorrow
Rolling off my tongue
As I speak to comfort her
The salty tears in my mouth
The tears that came out my

I long to
Tell you
A word
A word that
Means the most
A word that can
summon up the
corage that I
Never had,

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