April 22, 2009
By TinaMarie2 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
TinaMarie2 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Stalk Stiff bodies, sitting upright right in backless chairs.
12 eyes watch your every move.
Examining, dissecting, and picking apart you.
You walk into a long narrow hallway
the carpet is a grayish-puke color.

Doors are held inside.
People in business suits
look at you like your crazy.
Well of course you are...
It's only obvious.

Your dressed in a matching
sweat suit, red and blue.
Your hair is greasy, from not washing it that morning.
While you were locked inside your own head.
People talked about you
wondered why you were there

You walk into the consolers office
They ask why your here.
You give the same explanation you
gave everyone else
It was an accident
I didn't mean to hurt anyone

They look at your arms
and notice your
cutting collection
and write down about it.

You walk into a social services
office now.
They ask about your parents
You aren't comfortable.
This is the topic you wanted to

Your allowed to leave the office they tell you
You walk back to where the other teens are
You don't talk to any of them.
You get a room mate and just pray
you get out of there soon.

Finally the truth comes out.

“Another suicide attempt,” they whisper.

The author's comments:
This is true and it's a scary situation.

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