I Am

April 22, 2009
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I am eccentric and bubbly
I wonder what life would be like if I were alone
I hear the constant beat of music in my head
I see a large green forest with blue waters and fresh trees
I want to be successful in life
I am eccentric and bubbly
I pretend nothing bothers me when it really does
I feel like I’m destined to grow up and be strong because of what I’ve experienced as a kid
I touch a soft bubble and watch as it pops
I worry that one day I won’t have anyone to be there for me
I cry when I think of how bad I wish my dad was around more
I am eccentric and bubbly
I understand that I am unique and have a purpose
I say you never now what you have until it’s gone
I dream about my granny and relatives in Trinidad
I try to do well in school
I hope I never have to see the day that my mom dies
I am eccentric and bubbly

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