The voice

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Oh how I wish this would end, the torture of love.

To love and not be loved, to stretch your heart and be pushed away.

Why, oh, why is this so hard, the heart is being burned.

Do they love or do they hate? Do I loathe or is it fate?

Why is love so hard?

He looks at me with twisted and pained face. I look at him and my heart explains, "He doesn't love you."

I look away with teary eyes. I try to hold it in.

My heart feels dropped, like it has stopped. I realize that all this time I've been choosing what was never meant to be.

I feel a tap on my shoulder, but a quick glance around reveals no one there. I hear a voice whisper, "Your not alone," and "don't let me down."

I feel a calming feeling, I wonder why this is.

An image of a man pops into my mind.

Clothed is he in white robe, with nails in his hands and feet. The man is tall with caramel colored hair. His eyes are pale blue. His face shows he is calm.

He speaks and says "I am always here. You need not worry, fret, or fear or leak a single tear. The words I speak are true. I've went through all your trials and joys. I know what you've been through. These times will pass, I know they will, but keep on going, don't give up.

You need to go and talk to him and learn about the boy. You'll learn about him, quite a lot. He lives behind a lie. Go on. Go ask. Don't be afraid."

Once again I'm in the room. I turn around to face the boy and see him looking back. I go and sit and talk to him. I learn that he is an only child with parents who divorced. He tells me his story and then looks up and smiles. I blush and smile back. This boy that I thought had hated me is now the best friend I always wished I had.

A few years passed and me and him grew to be great friends. Then one day he sat me down in the middle of a crowd. He whispered quietly in my ear, "I want to be your friend. My heart has been speaking and talking since that first day when my story you were told. I want to know you like me too, as more than just a friend."

I looked at him and smiled. I knew I felt the same. I whispered back my reply and then we got up and walked. We now hang out each and everyday and are the best of friends. We will graduate soon and then will be as free as we can be.

Then one day, this boy so sweet knelt down upon his knee. I was so stuck by that quick move that it set my heart a flight. He pulled out a ring and took my hand and then left me with the question, "Would you marry me?" My heart went nuts, I know it's true. It tried to jump right out.

Then out of no where the sight popped of that man with calming eyes. I looked at him, he looked at me, that man with understanding eyes. He told me that I should say "Yes." As quick as he appeared, he was gone. The man was gone, but I knew what to do. Once again I looked at the boy that I had known. The boy I thought had hated me. He looked at me with searching eyes. I made my mouth open wide and then say the words "I will."

The boy that I had known most my life got up and off the ground. He gave me a hug, a kiss, and a smile then set me on my feet.

The plans were made, the wedding set. Soon the day came when I would be claimed. No longer a single, husband-less dame. I got to the church and was all set. I walked down the isle and was met at the alter by the groom. I made the promise and sealed it with an "I do."

We now live a happy life all cozy and nice. We visit our families at least twice every month. We will continue to live this way, until the day we die.

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