To music?

April 22, 2009
By Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
Jacob Capodanno SILVER, Newark, Delaware
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Riding the bus so glum and so tired

Why don’t you listen to your music?
Say friends why don’t you listen to songs of white prison, propaganda and peace?
You jam in your session
Dreaming of the oppression to things of the unordinary

Freaking the dogs and the cats gives you guilty pleasure
That’s wrong but its funny to you
You peek at the girl who gives you stomache laughter
The one that thinks always of you
Shes named silly names to remember her frame
Because it comes from Winnie the pooh

You stare in her eyes and float for a minute that’s all you need in your view

More beautiful than stars but you feel your not worthy
Unlike being as bliss as a rose
To sit there and frown at the ecstatic energy
Is like taking a punch in the nose

The painful tears like your sweet candy cheers
To all the children who point and laugh
You grin at them cuz you dream of their parents
Who just need a kick in the aft

It’s a feeling of mercury and Venus with rainbows going down the gleeful tracks
From tears in your eye of never saying goodbye because she’ll never come back

Come back O great Siren of saints O harpie and witch from above
Why tease us and see us destroy the forest with fire
Don’t give us that damn turtle dove

Why don’t you listen to your music?
Because you cant help but stare
It’s like wonder and glory from this gloomy story
And the perfect feeling of love

Tattoos on your face give you no disgrace as I give this epic an ending
Your stuck in here with this empty case of beer as your emotions cheer o they cheer o they cheer in your ear….. why am I still sitting here?…………..oops they past my stop.

The author's comments:
my friends say i shud write songs, so i hope it's kind of song-like to the reader :)

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