You Can't Eat Money

April 22, 2009
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The World is in ruins.
Landfills are filled to the brim with
the waste of materialism. The black
smog of greed fills the air, poisoning
what we breath. The giant nets of
gluttony rob our oceans of vital life.

The World is in shambles.
The skyscrapers of big money obscure the
horizon. the wastefulness of electricity veils our once twinkling stars. The
carelessness of big business poisons our land with pollutants.

The world is in ashes.
The voracity of corporations has
burned our once diverse rainforests.
Giant agribusinesses breed animals
so that they can later be consumed
by the ravenous people.

Soon...everything will be gone.
And maybe then people will
realize that while money feeds is not nourishment.

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