The Mind and its urges and thoughts

April 22, 2009
By AsMaSc BRONZE, Rohnert Park, California
AsMaSc BRONZE, Rohnert Park, California
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Sitting here

The brink of insanity racing

Unclothed am I

Waiting for the clothing to cover the insanity

Cover me like a mask

Blood is rushing everywhere

From ever pore

Every tiny cell is bleeding

Blood is every color imaginable

Showing the difference in everything

Tears are rushing out

The blood

Mingling with the tears

With the body

It turns it red instead of its nature pale flesh color

The mask broken

Lay beside the broken body in the pool of blood

“How could I?” is the question the mind of this body asks

But the body no longer listens

Reacts to the mind.

The heart

No longer beating

The blood no longer pumping

Means this broken body is dead

While the mind lives



Why death was the answer

The mind will cry

Trying to pry into the world

No longer belonging to it

But to the darkess that the body has succumbed to

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