April 22, 2009
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Sometimes I feel like
I can't be loved
sometimes I feel
flat out terrible
But when I look into
your beautiful blue eyes
I can't seem to concentrate
because of all the butterflies
When I graze even
an inch of your skin
I feel so
beautiful within
Because I know
that I love you
but I know
that I can't have you
Problems from the past
have passed down to us
a love from the elders
which we are not allowed to discuss
A secret so deep
that their spouse do not know
a coincidence so remarkable
that we are not allowed to follow
Once their was a possibility
we could be claimed siblings
now what a shame
we have to hide our own feelings
Both of us are taken for now
it's just a pity
it's the wrong one
it feels like we're jsut quiting
we both feel the same way
let down, just pushed away
our problem isn't yours
even though we won't say
It's been secret too, too long
a love hidden that keeps us high
we can't stare in our own eyes
cause we've both felt the butterflies

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sparkofheart said...
May 13, 2010 at 7:09 pm
amazingly cute <3 great job :)
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