Greener Pastures

April 22, 2009
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Once I was young
With a keen wit
and sharp tongue
I was tenacious and vivacious
and my stuborness,
well, gracious!
Heaven help you
if you tried to pin me down
now I haven't grown much older
but my hot temper has grown colder
and I've become so coy
I'm scared to make a sound
once boastful and pugnacious
now I'm riddled with disgraces
and i hide myself
where I cannot be found
on open feilds
I have built fences
and traded all of my defenses
for a chance to be possessed
by love profound
but I'm alone in my avidity
and this constant captivity
is frustration enough
to make my head spin round
perhaps its time
to look for greener pastures
here's hoping
my spirit follows after
and with that hope
I dare to say adeiu

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