Turn to Me

April 22, 2009
By freedphoenix BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
freedphoenix BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
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Walking down a well worn path,
I look on things past,
And I laugh at the posturing of men,
Fighting and hoping again and again
To receive the affections of one,
Never seeing how foolish they’ve become.
They never realize there is more than one,
She is not a rarity, simply one of many.
They and try to win the affections,
Of one they think is sweet as confections,
Whose laugh thrills their soul,
whose hand they long to hold.

Can’t you see?
She is as flighty as a bird,
And since your affections she has spurned,
It is to me you should turn.
Turn to one who only sees you,
And hopes you will only see her too.

Let the others chase after
That girl with bubbly laughter,
And as each is rejected,
Give thanks that you are protected
From the whims of that one
Who refuses all who come.

Instead, laugh with me at the foolishness of men,
Laying their hearts out again and again.
Watch while each is spurned,
And see the next take his chance
In this crazy one woman dance.

So turn away with me,
Put her in the past,
And join me as I walk
On a newly formed path.

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