Mountain Climber

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

My biggest fear is about to be conquered
Adrenaline pumping through my veins
A sharp sensation,
Followed by a cool wave of air

Who knew a summer vacation would turn into
A full speed energy rush?

Sweat is already forming at my hairline
Salt overtakes my taste buds
My palms begin to get clammy
As my legs sway back and forth

Just thinking about what I am going to do next,
Is not a pleasant thought
Knowing that my life could be ending,
In just a few minutes

My arms lose all strength;
My body gets weak,
And my head starts to spin

I hear so many shouting voices below me
“You can do it!” “Just jump!”
Not listening to anyone
But my heart, thumping away
Having a life of its own
Bump, Bump, Bump

The air at the top of the mountain,
Is as crisp as a graham cracker
Chills are sent up my body,
Every time the wind howls like a wolf

My body does not agree with what is about to happen,
It tells me to stop,
And rethink my actions
But I ignore the silly voices in my head

I finally build up enough courage,
To take the final step
I am about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime
While holding on to a nearby tree
I get closer to the drop-off
Repelling down without thinking
There is no time to press stop
It all happens so fast
And before I know it
I have made it down
All in one piece

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