April 22, 2009
By Evan Lessenthien BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
Evan Lessenthien BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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I don’t look back,
just listen,
trying to run away from the pounding footsteps behind me.
My legs tighten up trying to run faster.

I taste the sweat that slides down my beat red face.
I feel the presence of someone lurking behind me
like a tiger stalking its prey,
I try to run faster.

As sweat beads take off into the air,
I try not to look back.
Lungs filling with air as my feet pound the hard cement.
Spikes clanging, feet hurting,
I try to run faster.

I hear the pounding steps,
as they get closer.
Panic stricken, trying to calm down.
A shadow creeps up next to me.
Looking over my shoulder, I take a peak.
Slowly I watch, as he goes by, seeing the prize slip me by.
I try to run faster.

In the distance far away,
the runner’s best friend and worst enemy.
The place to stop and finish, look back on what I have done.
I try to run faster.

Running across the line of anticipation,
nothing better, legs give out, stomach constricting, feet pounding, eyes crying.
All cause I tried to run faster.

All I can do is smile.
Looking back and laugh at anyone who it still running.
I reach for my water,
I listen around, people screaming, cow bells banging, coaches yelling, kids weeping.

The cold water hits my dried up throat like when it rains in a desert.
I can’t strop drinking.

I look around see kids lying on the ground,
screaming there going to die.
Concerned moms stand over them,
watching them as they cry.

I limped to my car, I hit the seat,
close my eyes, I smell the air.
The sweet stench of sweat is in the air.
Cause I tried to run faster.

I look outside.
Looking past on what I have down.
I look up to the sky,
and all I say.
I could have done better,
I could have run faster!

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