Best Friends

April 22, 2009
By Kelsey Thompson BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
Kelsey Thompson BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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In elementary
We played on the monkey bars
Like we were actual monkeys,
The sounds of our butts hitting the ground,
So hard that you heard the boom
And laughed until we peed
Nothing will ever change

In middle school
We went to the movies every weekend,
The smell of the fresh butter popcorn
As we walked to the concessions,
Talked about boys, about how all we wanted,
Is hold their cute little hands, and look at their faces
And had night long pillow fights
Nothing will ever change

In high school
We stayed out all night,
Bowling, at the movies, and at parties
In long term relationships
And went on meaningless road trips,
Jamming, and dancing to the blaring radio
In your car, just to end up no where
Getting lost just for fun
Nothing will ever change

Now were preparing for college?
In different parts of the state?
What to do without you?
We’ll make it through
Nothing will ever change

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