Becoming a Writer

April 22, 2009
By Alex Berquist BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
Alex Berquist BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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Is he a good writer?
It may seem so to few.
But he’s attempting to write a
poem just for her.
He writes how,
He really likes her.

She’s the most
Beautiful girl he’s ever seen.
The sound of her voice like an angel,
Her aroma is as heavenly as walking through a flower shop,
The warmth of her skin like the suns rays.

Her eyes royal blue as the summer sky,
Hair wavy as the ocean on a fall day,
Her lips soft as Kentucky blue grass in the spring,
And legs soft as the winter snow,
That burn him inside every time he looks at them.
He wants to be with her every second of the day.

Her personality,
Funny when she says the same thing he’s thinking in his head,
Angry, when he says something stupid,
Or caring when she comforts a friend who’s had a bad day
However her personality may be, he will still love her.

He thinks about her all the time
When he wakes up, while he’s at school, and when he goes to bed
Hoping she will be his someday.
And he will be hers.

And so,
I hang onto my poem
For now,
But one day my poem will be yours.

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