Barbie's Competition

April 22, 2009
By Alexandra Lunsford BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
Alexandra Lunsford BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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On March 9, 1959 I became a teen fashion model.

As I grew older the industry said I needed to
look more like an “average girl.”
With a few changes I came out with long blonde hair,
bright pink lips, big blue eyes, my skin more tan, big boobs and
arms and legs that would not move.

As time went on more competition came into the
picture. My top competition was in the form of Bratz.
soon enough Bratz became the number one doll,
everyone wanted to look like them!. The Bratz had
giant inflatable lips, giant heads, big feet, gorgeous boyfriends,
wore tons of make up and had very stylish wardrobes.

The industry felt like I had to do something to get back on
top so I continued to reinvent myself. I became a
Tour Guide, worked at McDonalds, a Nascar driver,
along with a fairy princess, and a swimming sensation,
because my hair color could change when I went in water.

As this was going on the industry convinced me once again
To make my eyes bluer, my lips more pink, brighten up my
eye shadow and raise my eye shadow to my eyebrows.
I was also convinced to make my boobs bigger
And my skin more tan.

My friends, competition and I continue to exist today and
continue to change our image. Although the one thing that
continues to stay the same for all of us is the big fake smile
that we are supposed to hold for the rest of our existence
that is supposed to say I am happy, confident and can
encourage girls everywhere.

When in reality we are all just plastic.

The author's comments:
I got the idea to write this poem from another poem called Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy, because it really had a effect on me and made me think my life over.

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