Will This Always Be Just A Game?

April 22, 2009
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I walk into class with a positive attitude,
And a confident heart,
Just trying to be myself.
We catch eyes,
My hearts pounding,
Wondering what you’re thinking.
My face then turns a fire red, so bright and so hot, that it burns.
I walk right by you.
And in my head I say today is my day,
To reel you in.

I sit in my chair and glimpse up to see you staring.
We speak with our eyes,
You’re curious as why today I did not say hello.
I sit and yank my sleeve down,
To show a little more of my soft, pale neck line.
Then I laugh it off with my friends,
A kind of laughter so loud that you have to notice.
And then play it off like you don’t exist.
But in my brown eyes and my warm heart you truly do.

Your mind is spinning with confusion,
Of this new game I decided to play.
But you’re drawn to me,
You feel your body aching to move near me.
But you feel as if you can’t move,
Your body numb,
My laughter in your ear,
And yet I’m only a few feet away.

You regain your minty breath
And finally stand up and walk towards me.
My hand shaking,
I put the pencil down.
I sit and wonder,
Are you on to the game I’m playing?
I quickly act as if I did not see you,
Suddenly I look up,
And your eyes are looking down upon me.
Your mouth begins to open,
My heart stops,
And all I hear is hello.

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