My Everything

April 23, 2009
By stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
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I see your eyes.
I feel your arms wrap around me.
I hear you voice.
I smell your cologne.
And finally I taste your lips.

Then I wake up.
It was all a dream.
Some nightmare that tortures me all night long.
We had something so great, so true.
When you left me I was heartbroken
Until the day came that I knew it was for the best.

You were my best friend, my shoulder to lean on
The person that picked me up when I fell.
You were the light at the end of my tunnel but now it has burned out
And I’m lost in the darkness.
You were here and now you’ve vanished.

Without you I’m scared I have no one to protect me
Then I realized that even though your not here you still do protect me
Because you have taught me so much
But now I’m alone and only you can fill my life.
Is it to much to ask that you come and save me from my self?

From the destructive path that I’m on because I’ve lost everything I know.
You were my everything and now I’m your nothing
I’m shaking in the darkness that you’ve put me in
I can’t see without you, I can’t breathe without you
Without your love I can’t function I’m just another girl

You made me feel so alive
You made me your special girl and now you’ve tossed me in the ocean
You made me who I am, the girl that everyone loves.
But none of that means anything if I don’t have you next to me.
I want to hear you heartbeat and see you waiting for me after a long day
Because seeing you makes my day

But now I walk and see nothing
I feel so dead
I have nothing
We were in love and now we have fallen
If only you knew I even existed.

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