Domination , Frustration ,Rebellious contemplation

April 9, 2009
By seraphin BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
seraphin BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
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Seduce me,sway me
Under the moonlit sky
untie me, beautify me
Hang me up in a frame

Let the world see me
as the perfection you created
Chain me, blackmail me
With your lies and your bribes

Your pick up lines and unfaithful fines
billed up at the hotels you lavished at
how you forgot when you swore to be mine
When did they turn in to lies

Frustration, brutalization
that erodes my mind
tormenting, burning
blinded by tainted love, my heart turns cold

You tell me where to stand, what to say
your little perfection,plastered in a show case
cashing in on their demands, but one day
I will not be in the center of that flawless maze

No, not i, this free bird you will see flying high
no longer your piece of art to dominate
No, not i, i who shall rebel and defy
all laws that you made with your infectious lies

No longer your possession, your money maker
you who saw me as a mere statue
ha, my dear, be surprised as this statue walks
walks,talks, spins, right out through your door

watch me, love me
Never to be heard from again
loathe me, desire me
for you can never hold me again
since i will be the one dominating your dreams

The author's comments:
I was inspired by one of my friend's past relationship. I put myself in her position of being misused and lied to and the anger that resulted from it spilled on to a paper.

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