Lessons a guy can teach a girl

April 9, 2009
By ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
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There were so many things
I wanted to tell you,
But I had to stop myself.
I hadn’t the courage
To speak to you.
And now these things
I’ve left unsaid,
Cannot be said.
You see,
You are with her now,
And as much as it kills me to admit,
I am happy for you.
I may not look it,
But I am.
These things unsaid are killing me,
As I wish I could tell you,
Yet I know I can’t.
These things unsaid,
If they were said now,
Would prove to hurt me,
Not help me.
I waited too long,
And now you are gone.
That is my lesson today.
‘Do not be afraid,
For fear only holds me back.
I am as courageous as any other,
It just doesn’t show as much.’
And now,
With this new knowledge,
I set off to conquer the world.

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