Immortal Kiss

April 9, 2009
By LexiaTepes BRONZE, Midwest City, Oklahoma
LexiaTepes BRONZE, Midwest City, Oklahoma
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What's so great about immortality if I can't be with you?
To never feel your thouch,
Never to taste your kiss.
How I long for you to hold me in your arms,
Never to be saddened by your words of love.
My immortal blood forces me to be alone
It denies me the one thing I truely desire
Mortal love
Your love is what I want and need
I cannot stand living without your warm embrace
I am long since dead to you
You live while I walk in the valley of shadows
I will not make you a vampire
I could never kill you
I won't condemn you
I cannot give you my Immortal Kiss

The author's comments:
Ya know most of the good guy vamps are the tortchered soul type?
That's what this is about, and for all you cullen fans out there, It doesn't just apply to Edward.It applies to any Vampire, dhampir, demon, or werewolf.ANYONE of those creatures who is tormented by the very thought of what they are.
The picture represents the passing of time.

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