April 20, 2009
By brookiecookie00 BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
brookiecookie00 BRONZE, Platteville, Colorado
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The stars have come alive tonight,
Congregating in our eyes.
How long will they stay before they disappear?
And when they're gone,
What will take their place?

They glimmer and they shine for now,
As our backs grow cold and moist
With the crickets serenading around us.
But nothing last forver,
And soon you'll come around.
The enormity, intensity, immsensity... fades.
And your eyes will slowly look away
The innocence of the crystal beings
Gradually dissolves
And you'll go on your way.
Only the imprint of your back
Is left on the wet grass beside where I still lay.
Devoted belief in the shining stars is gone.
You're gone.

Your shadow cast moves beyond
The glorious existence of the stars
Now every time I see the sky,
The beauty evokes the pain.

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Miaoru said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 2:03 am
Miaoru, Sunnyside, New York
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Great poem!

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