I Want My Blanky Back

April 20, 2009
By ChristopherRobbin BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
ChristopherRobbin BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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I grew up in Tucson
Went to school there
Even made some great friends
I got married and had kids
My husband’s great and we just
Moved to Switzerland
Making the choice to move here
Was the hardest I’ve ever had to make
I gave up so much to be here
Friends, family, and the comfort of
Being around people who loved me
Don’t get me wrong
Its lovely here as well
Just not as good as it used to be
It started to cost an arm and a leg
To call and email people back in Tucson
So I stopped
Didn’t seem that important at the time
I’m getting along just fine here
Then. . .
I found a scrap of my old blanky
It had been the only thing to comfort me
From the bad when I was younger
I wept for hours caressing my blanky
But nothing changed
I wanted to move back to Tucson
I packed my things, but couldn’t find my bags
I drove to the airport, but couldn’t find my keys
I jumped on the plane, but didn’t have my ticket
Arriving at the airport like a stranger was tough
Desperately searching, but finding no one
Everything froze, and I found my blanky
I yearned for the comfort of its hugs and got it
But I was missing something
Something very important
Before I left for Switzerland . . .
I had signed a contract
To leave and never come back
However, the contract could be broken
But only if I had two things:
Permission and trust from the North Star
My North Star
The star I grew up seeking for direction
The one that showed me my way around
The one that raised me to know
Right directions from the wrong ones
And so this I ask of my North Star:

Star light, star bright
Help me vanish this terrible fright
I’m so helpless, lend me your might
I wish you don’t put p a fight
I seek your trust, I’ll be alright
If you break this contract
And give me this whish, I wish tonight.

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