Pain In Their Eyes

April 20, 2009
By Jewels SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jewels SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I can still picture the pain in my parents’ eyes,
The day I got arrested they looked as if I had died.
Sometimes I wish I really was
Then that picture would no longer be in my head.

It was a warm sunny day on the 6th of November,
A day I will always remember.
That day a part of me died,
Not because I was being arrested, but because my mother asked me “why”.

She asked me why I didn’t just kill her,
She wanted to know what I was robbing people for.
Never before did I wish I was
Until that day, when those words were said.

I never wanted to hurt my family but I have so much,
I can see the pain in their eyes every time we touch.
Sometimes I think that if my life came to an end,
Then maybe their hearts could start to mend.

When I think about these things it’s hard to go on,
‘Cause I hurt everyone that loves me, I did them all wrong.
Although I’ve already sealed my fate,
I know I have to keep strong for my family’s sake.

No matter how I feel on the inside I’ll keep my head high,
I’ll keep on living right and I will get by.

The author's comments:
This happened the first time I had gotten locked up. I felt terrible, not for going to jail but for letting my loved ones down.

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